Drainage System Installation Gig Harbor

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Do you need drainage system installation?

Living in the Pacific Northwest, rain is one of the few constants. With the Gig Harbor region receiving upwards of 50 inches of rainfall in some years, all of that water needs a place to go. That’s why Benjamin Landscaping  does drainage system installation in Gig Harbor. When our qualified technicians come to your property, they take several factors into consideration to create a personalized, ideal drainage system that will make sure excess water doesn’t sit around.

When you choose us for drain systems or any type of landscaping, we back up our work. Every job comes with a written warranty so you can be sure it’s done right!

We consider everything for water drainage systems.

What yard drainage solution is the best for you? That depends on several different factors. Just a few of the things we look out when we plan your landscape drainage include:

If you have a non-porous surface such as concrete, it doesn’t absorb water. We take porosity into account when designing your drainage system so that it doesn’t get stuck with nowhere to go.
The natural slope of your property is a huge factor. Are you at the top or bottom of a hill? Are you on level ground or on a slant? All of these things change what system works best.
Soil Type
Soil composition is another variable that we take into consideration. We install drainage systems in a way that maximizes soil health, increases aeration, and decreases salinity.

Drainage systems aren't the only things we do!

Along with water drainage installations and other hardscaping, we do commercial and residential landscaping and lawn maintenance too!

We’ll take care of you and your Gig Harbor property.

When you choose us for yard drainage systems, we make sure to thoroughly test the system to make sure that it’s working properly. With more than 30 years of experience doing landscape services in Gig Harbor and the surrounding areas, we know the unique climate of the area and how to properly take care of it. And with our written warranties on every job, you can choose us with confidence. So call or contact us today, and we’ll get right to work on your drainage system and much more!