Drainage System Installation Olympia

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Is it time to for a new drain system?

If you’re building a new house or noticing that water isn’t exiting your property as quickly as it should, proper drainage is essential. Without a drainage system, especially in the Pacific Northwest, puddles can accumulate on your lawn, on hard surfaces, and even in your gutters. These problems can cause not only issues with your landscaping features, but can harm the exterior of your home too. If you need a drainage system installation in Olympia, call up Benjamin Landscaping  and we’ll take care of it for you.

What kind of drainage system do I need?

The type of drain system that you’ll need for your home depends on a number of factors. The best way to find your ideal fit is to have an experienced drain system installer come to your property for an inspection. Some things we consider are: Drainage system installation Olympia

  • Slope. A property on a hill drains water differently than one on a level surface because water flows naturally downhill.
  • Low spots. If you have a particularly low spot, water will accumulate at that point, and it’s a good place for your drainage system.
  • Porosity. Non-porous surfaces like cement don’t absorb water and will influence the type of drainage solutions you’ll need.
  • Soil type. Depending on your soil composition, one type of yard drainage system may work better than a different kind.

Worried your new system won't last?

Don’t be! With us, every job comes with a written warranty, which is especially important for installations like these!

Our full-service yard care services have you covered

After we put in your drainage system, we’ll make sure that it works right. By also choosing us for landscaping, we can make sure your system won’t affect your lawn or landscape architecture since we’ll know exactly where the system is. And we aren’t limited to residential jobs either. We can also do lawn maintenance at your business, including landscaping, landscape construction, and drainage systems. Backed by our dedication to customer service and our written warranties, you won’t find a better value for total yard care anywhere in Olympia! Call or contact us today to get started.