Landscape Construction Gig Harbor

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Thinking of Adding Landscape Construction?Landscape construction in Gig Harbor

Then make sure to call us over at Benjamin Landscaping ! We’re a full-service landscaping company that can do much more than simply mow your lawn. Have you thought about adding a stone pathway, garden beds, or even a mini waterfall to your yard? As part of our landscape services, we do landscape construction in Gig Harbor including these structures and much more!

Have a design in mind?

We’ll help make it come to life! With over 30 years of experience, we’re able to assist you in installing or altering many pieces of landscape architecture, such as:

Whether it’s adding a deck or upgrading your existing patio, we can help make it happen!
Thinking of laying down a brick path? What about a sloped pathway? We’ve done several of these!
We love making gardens look great! We’re able to put in trellises, gazebos, arbors, and more!
Always wanted a pond or a mini waterfall in your yard? We’ll put in the proper foundation for you!
Have some other ideas? Run them by us and we’ll see if we can work with you to see them come to light!

We do homes and businesses!

Want to improve your business property as well as your home? We do both! By improving the appearance of the outside of your workplace, you can look more attractive to customers. They know that if you put that much effort into a part of your business you don’t specialize in, you must be even more dedicated to the goods and services you focus on!  We can add flower beds or small fountains, decorative fencing and concrete, or retaining walls, all while performing our signature top-quality lawn maintenance. 

We stand behind our Gig Harbor landscaping.

When you choose us, we make sure that we do everything to your satisfaction. With our written warranty we include on every job, you don’t have to worry about something going wrong. We’ve got you covered in Gig Harbor. We’re able to do this because we’re confident that our quality will meet your expectations. So fill out our contact form or give us a call today to get started!