Landscape Construction Olympia

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Need Landscape Construction in Olympia?

Sometimes, trimming the grass and edging the garden isn’t enough. What if you don’t have a garden wall to begin with, but have always wanted one? You could put one in on your own, or you could call Benjamin Landscaping for landscape construction in Olympia for help. If you’d like, you can include creating outdoor features for your property in your package to make your yard truly look the way you want.

We’re experienced hardscapers

Hardscaping, the installation of structures into your yard, is something that most landscapers won’t touch. With over 30 years of experience in the business, we’ve learned a thing or two about landscaping service architecture, including assembly and disassembly. Simply tell us what you’re considering putting in ahead of time and we’ll create a plan with you on how to best approach the job. 

Current landscapers ignoring you?

Many landscaping companies try to have as little interaction as possible. We strive to include you however we can and make sure you’re satisfied!

We do landscape design too!

Want to spice up your yard with new backyard designs? We can help! We’re able to help you redesign and add in many structures to your yard, including:

Need something more complex?

We may be able to help there too! We’ve helped create many kinds of beautiful construction landscape structures over the years, from water features to brick walls. Check out this gallery to see some of the things we can do for your home!

Choose us for landscape architecture!

At Benjamin Landscaping , we understand that we work on your yard. This means that we include you in everything we do and can set up regular schedules to make our trips more convenient for you. And we’re one of the rare landscape contractors in Olympia that offer a written warranty on our work, because we stand by the jobs we do. So give us a call or fill out our contact form today to schedule a time to meet!