Landscaping Lakewood

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Landscaping That Saves You Time.

Landscaping in Lakewood by Benjamin Landscaping

Making your land look nice can be time-consuming if you try to do it alone. Just when you think you’ve finished, something else pops up. With your busy life, you don’t have to take the time to do it by yourself. Instead, give Benjamin Landscaping  a try for your Lakewood landscaping tasks.

We’re equipped for any kind of job

We pride ourselves on being a full-service landscaping company and are ready and willing to do even the biggest project you might have. Some landscapers only do basic yard work like lawn mowing and trimming. While we can certainly do that, there’s much more that we can handle.

Lawn Maintenance

This category focuses on things like lawn mowing and edging. We can put in sod in your yard and can also plant trees. We’re able to add fertilizer to your garden so you don’t have to, and we can also show you how to properly winterize your property.

Landscape Design

If you’re looking to beautify your home or business, we’ll help you make it look its best. Our design services range from installing water features in your pond to setting up an outdoor kitchen or barbecue. We can put it in flowerbeds or trees, and even irrigation systems.


Hardscaping is the installation and/or placement of inorganic materials, such as fences and decks. We can do that, too. If you want a brick pathway or gravel placement, we’ll take care of it. We also know how to set up many yard structures such as gazebos or trellises.

Need something else done? Just ask! Along with standard yard cleaning and design, our landscaping services can include roof and gutter cleaning and pressure washing as well. If there’s anything you want to do with your front or backyard, ask us; we can probably do it!

We scheduled lawn service easy for you.

It’s inconvenient not knowing when the lawn maintenance crew is coming by. That’s why we do regular scheduling and come by as often or as little as you want. Need once a week garden landscaping in Lakewood? We’ll come the same day each week. Is once a month better? No problem. Change your schedule and number of visits as often as you want. It’s all up to you. All of our work is backed by our written warranty. So give us a call or fill out our contact form to see how we can help you today!