Synthetic Lawns Olympia

Synthetic Lawns Olympia

Why Choose Synthetic over Natural?

The difference between natural grass and synthetic turf are hard to see with the naked eye. The feel of the blades running through your hands will tell you right away–our synthetic grass is just like the real thing.
As property owners look for new and innovative ways to save water, many are choosing to exchange real grass–and the chores that come with having a lawn–for a synthetic grass look-alike. We don’t roll out Brady Bunch astro-turf. We lay down high-quality, soft, and evergreen lawns that you don’t need to mow, weed, or water.

  • Excellent for pets and play areas

    Pets and kids can run around on the soft synthetic lawn without getting hurt, tracking dirt and mud, or worrying about grass stains.

  • Great for the environment

    While natural lawns can sometimes produce runoff that makes its way into storm drains and eventually the sound, synthetic lawns don’t.

  • Conserves water

    Synthetic lawns don’t require watering–period. Water that could be used in sprinklers and drip systems is instead saved.

  • Stays green all year round

    Synthetic lawns stay ever-green and lush all year. No need to worry about dead patches or reseeding.

  • No more mowing, weeding, or hedge trimming

    Save money on gas, and save time from not having to do the weekend chores required to keep a lawn in shape. Synthetic stays beautiful with no maintenance needed.

  • Functional drainage systems

    We make sure your lawn is graded properly for an excellent drainage system and moves water away from your property without pooling or collecting.

Artificial Grass for Commercial and Residential Properties

commercial landscaping olympia
You just can’t go wrong with synthetic grass for commercial landscaping. The appearance of a lush green lawn all year, and the lack of maintenance needed to keep your synthetic lawn looking pristine, are great reasons for replacing real grass with a synthetic one.

Commercial Property Synthetic Lawns

Using artificial grass for commercial properties is not only good for the environment and helps contribute to building green, it also improves the bottom line by reducing costs associated with maintenance of natural landscapes. Also, while synthetic turf produces an excellent looking, perfectly manicured lawn, it requires no use whatsoever, of pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, which contain toxic chemicals and are harmful not only to humans and animals, but the environment as a whole.

Residential Synthetic Lawns

For relief from weekly chores like lawn mowing, weeding, and edge-trimming, invest in a synthetic lawn. Synthetic turf looks and feels just like normal grass. Plus, you save money on water expenses, and you save time since there is practically no maintenance needed.
Our synthetic lawns become great places for playing, relaxing, and complimenting your front and back yards. When you’re looking for an alternative for real grass, the solution is synthetic!